APRIL 2020

A holiday weekend in unicornland!

Unicorn Sparkly speedily packed her bag, grabbed her magical ticket to Unicornland, took a deep

breath and then thought to herself,


"And now? How do I get there?"

As she flips the ticket over, she notices three important words: Believe in Magic! - along with the following instructions: Please say this phrase out loud, believe with all your heart that you can do it and you'll be transported to a very special land.

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Items include: a unicorn plush or squishy, unicorn school supplies, unicorn bag, unicorn accessories, storybooks and a Unicorn Easter Surprise!

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It’s my first day of school in Unicorn Middle and

I couldn’t be more excited!

I got up as fast as a shooting star, brushed my teeth with sparkly rainbow toothpaste and slipped on my Unicorn onesie which by the way, will be our school uniform for the whole year!

I have a pink one, a purple one...more on that later!


Oh! And we're going to learn about Unicorn Magic this year, how to believe in ourselves to achieve our dreams and stuff like that.


Gotta run, the purple glittery bus is here! Sparkles and horns, Unicorns!



an enchanted holiday

As I peeked through the window I noticed that my neighbors' Christmas tree was already up and they also had all the sparkly decor out!

The most magical time of the year has finally arrived! But my Holiday is going to be even more lovely. Do you know why?

Because I celebrate Unicorn Christmas!


There's unicorn string lights, rainbow unicorn ornaments, even unicorn horn sugar cookies! YUM! And the most important thing is that my family and I get to spend this wonderful time with our hearts filled with love and joy!







Brrr...! It's so cold in here! I said there must be a winter storm in Unicornland!

Wait! Don't open the door.

Oh no! There's snow all over the floor!

And now how are we going to shovel it all? I had an awesome idea! Why don't we build a snowcorn?


"A magical unicorn made of snow?"

said Unicorn Cupcakes.


YAY!!! So all we need to do is add a purple horn, a rainbow mane and voilà!


We're going to name him UNICORN STARLIGHT!


Halloween is coming!

On my way back home from

school I stumbled upon magical colorful leaves falling off the trees and this got me so excited

because you know what it means?


That HALLOWEEN is right around

the corner! YAY!!! So I took all the boxes out of the basement and spent the whole afternoon decorating the house with all these sparkly Unicorn Halloween Decors!



it's party time!

So, I've been dreaming about this Pajama Party all summer and it's finally time to do some planning!


There's so many things to prepare...getting nails done is a must, I also want lots of unicorn everything and rainbow cake pops!


But there's something missing...

Wait, I already know! I must turn into a real Unicorn to throw the ultimate sleepover!

All I need to do is slip into my unicorn onesie, a bit of rainbow dust and voilà! Now I'm Unicorn Cupcakes, nice to meet you!





In a magical place, in a land far away, was a sparkly, rainbow town in the middle of the clouds.

The houses were made of cotton candy, the fences made out of marshmallow.


There were colorful unicorns too! They loved throwing birthday parties! Yummy cupcakes and unicorn pool floats were a must.

But the most delightful thing about this town, was that every unicorn had a big rainbow heart, and each color had a meaning: red for love, orange for joy, yellow for happiness, green for harmony, blue for wisdom and purple for a bit of MAGIC!

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