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The Best 80s Unicorn Toys That Every Kid Wanted


Lisa Frank Unicorn Stationery

​Remember in the late ‘80s, when Lisa Frank’s unicorn stationery was all the rage? Whether it was stickers, pencils, folders, notebooks or whatever else – there was no denying that she had created a craze that swept the nation. 

The bright colors and unique designs of her products gave young people something special with which they could express themselves creatively, while also having fun with friends at home or at school. To this day, many people fondly remember their days spent collecting stickers, writing notes with scented pens or drawing pictures inside their favorite notebooks adorned with unicorns and rainbows. There is something truly special about this kind of nostalgia that can take us back in time whenever we close our eyes! 


She-Ra and the Magic Flying Unicorn

She-Ra and Swift Wind, Princess of Power released in 1984 as part of Wave 1 by Mattel. She-Ra rides her magic flying unicorn!

For many children of the 80s, one of the most exciting parts of watching She-Ra: Princess of Power was seeing the transformation of Adora’s loyal steed, Spirit into Swift Wind, the magical winged unicorn. Swift Wind proved to be a formidable ally for Adora in her fight against the evil Horde.

His incredible speed and strength combined with his telepathic abilities make him an asset that no hero should ever be without! Next time you watch an episode of She-Ra: Princess Of Power, pay close attention to this amazing magical creature – you won’t regret it!


Remco Rainbow Pretty Pets

In 1982, Remco released the popular Pretty Pets line. This line consisted of cats, dogs, and ponies, each with their own name (e.g., Happy Unicorn or Love Puppy). Each pet came with a heart-shaped necklace printed with "Pretty Pets," a ribbon, and a comb.

The second series—Rainbow Pretty Pets—was also quite unique for its time period. Unlike the original line, this series only included ponies such as Clyde Horse (the same name as one of the original pony figures) and Happy Unicorn (also repeated from the first series). As implied by its title, all of these figurines were brightly colored which made them stand out from other toys on store shelves at the time. Furthermore, mother-and-baby sets were available for purchase as well allowing for even more imaginative playtime scenarios for kids who had multiple figures from this set. 


Vending Machine Unicorn Stickers

Do you remember when you were a kid and the Prism company released a series of unicorn themed stickers in vending machines at grocery stores? These stickers were made of silkscreened prism vinyl with sparkly designs and bright colors. They were so beautiful, colorful, and simply rad.

For most kids who collected these unicorn themed stickers, it wasn't just about collecting something fun—it was about creating their own world full of fantasy creatures and mythical lands. It was an escape from reality where anything seemed possible, thanks to these unique pieces of art that could be used to decorate notebooks, lunchboxes, bedroom walls and more. Even now, many people still have fond memories of collecting these amazing little gems!  


L'il Miss Magic Rainbow Hair

"She's classy! She's sassy! She's the ultimate in hair play fun! This is a sophisticated,

I3" Li'l Miss, and girls will love to discover the secret surprise of her extra long hair! They simply fill the "Magic Touch" hair brush with icy cold water and use it to brush her beautiful hair. SURPRISE! Just like magic, her hair changes to beautiful colors right before their eyes! Warm water changes it back. And for some fashion fun, remove her skirt and she's dressed in a trendy neon body suit. Doll also includes hair pick, brush, and 2 ribbons."

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