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      Unicorn happiness, delivered monthly!

Each box comes with 8-10 unicorn surprises — enough to keep the little ones entertained for days!​

Surprise items include:

a unicorn plush toy, unicorn stationery, unicorn bag, unicorn accessories, and storybooks, plus unicorn candy and stickers!

  • You'll receive at least 8-10 unicorn items

  • 75.00 worth of goodies for 39.95 

  • All boxes are fully designed inside featuring a different theme every month!

  • FREE educational unicorn printable pack included with every purchase

  • Unicorn Happiness, Guaranteed!

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First box ships within 1-2 business days.

Subsequent boxes ship between the 26th - 30th of each month.

Renews automatically every month. You can cancel at anytime.

1 Month

$39.95 per box

3 Months

$39.00 per box

Most popular

6 Months

$38.00 per box

12 Months

$36.00 per box

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      Unicorn Dream Box will likely leave that adorable tiny human screaming in high-pitched excited tones all of your neighbors will hear. Our bad. "

Why they're great:
It's an absolute must-have for any kiddo who LIVES for unicorns, magic, and sparkles. Need we say more?

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